Origins of the Species

by AJ In Evolution

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These are the surviving tracks that are from my very first release, "A Work In Progress", recorded in my 1st home studio in 2008, and originally released to the public worldwide via a "to be un-named" artist development site in Sept. 2009 and later too be considered "abandoned" for not paying their insane price for renewal for their site distribution services.

The entire original album was recorded using only a, $20 Panasonic mic I bought from Walmart that plugged direct to the mic port on a very crappy, 2gb, Win Vista home computer, while also using a 1/4 to 3.5 adapter to be able to connect and record my guitar, and also an old $80 Casio keyboard, for synths and drums. Also using a trial version of "FL Studios 7" to create beats and Synth parts, whilst fumbling with "Audacity" to record and mix it. And all with absolutely no knowledge, of how to do so...

It was below and beyond amature, if there's is such a thing, but it was my launching point and what got me on this path of musical evolution.

Cleaned up and polished to the best of my abilities,, these track now create this all new EP, complete with a *new name*, by me. Using Mixcraft Pro Studio 7, the tracks that survived, are now made to sound so much better than the original grainy, un-mastered, over saturated, and almost in some cases, unlistenable, versions that were originally released.

You know if I could, I would have remixed and remastered it all, but given that the masters are forever lost, on that original PC, this is the best I can offer and stil be able to maintain control over my material.

Note* You can still buy the original on iTunes and Google Play....I just have no clue who collects that money...but it definitely isn't me!

THANK YOU ALL for your support and Friendship!

Enjoy and as always...Keep on evolving!



released May 17, 2016

All songs written, arranged, recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by: AJ Fritscher except for "Space Escape" co-produced and arranged by: Matthew Fritscher (2008)
Artwork: Shannon Marie Hayward(2008)/AJ Fritscher

All track restored using Mixcraft Pro Studio 7

2016 AJ Fritscher Music All Rights Reserved




AJ In Evolution

A.J. In Evolution, is a musical ape on the verge of progress & development whilst navigating & plotting soundscapes in the age of digital anthropology. A Solo diy Musician since 2008, with a wide exposure to multi-genres, AJ in Evolution, is an experience that, he hopes, you'll enjoy. ... more

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