I Don't Know Why?

by AJ In Evolution

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Sometime in 2012, back when I was still trying to get a hang of this DIY recording bit (and still learning), I recorded a series of songs written in the styling of an egotistical 90's rock star. I never took the time to give the project the attention I truely wanted to give it so the tracks stayed shelved and hodge podged as mere rarities found on obscure internet sites and one song was added to a world wide released compilation album in 2014 ("Remix Your Future Presents Best Of City: Orlando")....So after getting a new production PC here in 2016 and clearing out my hard drive on my former one, I decided to go ahead and release these tracks to issue them on this EP....I don't know why I wrote them, to be honest, hence the title of the EP. Any-who. I hope you enjoy this lo-fi original.. what ever it is? And as always, keep on evolving!


released April 26, 2016

all songs and music Written, Recorded, Mix, Mastered and Produced by: A.J. Fritscher 2012 - 2016




AJ In Evolution

A.J. In Evolution, is a musical ape on the verge of progress & development whilst navigating & plotting soundscapes in the age of digital anthropology. A Solo diy Musician since 2008, with a wide exposure to multi-genres, AJ in Evolution, is an experience that, he hopes, you'll enjoy. ... more

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